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Launched in 2011, Philanthrocapitalism is a series of conversations hosted by best-selling author, Business Editor to The Economist and Managing Director of The Rockefeller Foundation, Matthew Bishop. This series features the generation of leaders who reshape the way we think, live, work and give. A real dialogue can be transformational, it’s where possibilities are imagined, and understanding takes place. Philanthrocapitalism allows for unique deeper insights into some of the most important trends of our time.

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Love In Action

The Love In Action conversations with host, Deepak Chopra, illuminate the influence of leading change agents for a better world. These individuals share the personal and societal problems that fuel their desire to give back to the environments and communities in need. Each discussion is carried out with pure authenticity and heart, proving developments in social change for a mindful future are all around us.

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Ashoka Globalizer

Over the past three decades, Ashoka Globalizer, the world’s pre-eminent network of social entrepreneurs, has identified Fellows with the greatest potential for catalyzing global systems change. In this series a couple of these leaders describe investment strategies measured by performance of social capital and social innovations, implementing positive change in their respective industries.

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Stories of Impact

This unique video project aims to highlight human stories and critical perspectives brought to light through grants and funding opportunities. These episodes share groundbreaking ideas which concern life’s “Big Questions” and showcase core life values: seek a global perspective, think like a start-up, create positive impact for people, promote breakthrough discovery, embrace differences, and make spiritual progress possible.

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Global Affairs

Focused on global affairs and giving a voice to populism and global peace, this show features leaders in social, economic, and geopolitical matters that affect our world. From Dutch American Ayaan Hirsi Ali, American Diplomat Paul Bremer to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. Prominent leaders with analyses on their science of international affairs and the future of diplomacy. These leaders answer thought provoking questions about present day issues and ideas that may influence the future of our government.

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Unleashing Potential

From the first grant—to the American Red Cross more than a century ago—through to today’s vast array of initiatives, The Rockefeller Foundation has built a reputation as a trailblazer that convenes unlikely partnerships and sparks innovations for transformative change. This series features the foundation’s contribution to overcoming obstacles, meeting equality, and unleashing potential of every life!

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One World Activists

The One World Activists series features social entrepreneurs, leaders, philanthropists and business owners that idealize positive lasting impacts. These selfless individuals tell their stories and inspirations for giving back. The passionately driven discussions in One World Activists focus on the powerful impact one’s voice can have -moving mountains, breaking barriers and ultimately unifying society.

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