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Imagination Conversations

Imagination is one of the most beautiful and important functions of the mind. Imagination is essential to life and a key ingredient for educational and economic success in the 21st century. Imagination Presents is a series connecting businesses, creatives, and social leaders for crossover conversations about the algorithms of their respective industries, and how imagination has benefitted their lives in personal and professional ways.

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This series features a collection of unique musical performances with some well-known and unique faces in the music industry. Sessions with Krishna Das, Jaron Lanier and Michael Fitzpatrick showcase a wide range of instruments and genres drawing from worldly influences. These sessions are recorded at both SiriusXM studio and the Deepak Homebase in New York City. Listen and be inspired to broaden your musical appreciation.

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Life Cycles

This series touches on the stories and moments of some of Frederique van der Wal’s unique friends. Frederique discusses stories about life, work, dreams and experiences with her fellow New York friends. Life Cycles is a feel good human interest series, showcasing both lighthearted moments and serious subjects. We get to know Frederique van der Wal and the people she meets in New York - the city where dreams come true.

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This series is a based on the driving force of life, the desire to share stories and get a deeper sense of the world around us. It’s essential to innovation and what motivated Martine Dubin to start the tv network, CORE. Civilizations going back to the beginning of time have recorded and documented their ideas, adventures, and knowledge. Heroes have instilled inspiration and values into our culture. Stories around the marvels of science, philosophy, worldly explorations and tributes to societies and lifestyle. Martine Dubin features these common themes, principles which energize our mind and reshape the way we think and live. We all have a story to tell. Our essential life lessons add to our moral compass, and storytelling is central to our existence - a natural desire that burns within every human heart.

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One World Pop Culture

One World Pop Culture brings together pop culture’s principal characters in the music, art, comics and entertainment industries. The conversations hosted by Deepak Chopra unfold the icons’ illustrious lives of stardom and how each uses their platform of influence for the greater good.

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One World Lifestyle

From athletes, fashion designers to supermodels turned entrepreneurs, the guests of One World Lifestyle know how to do one thing and do it well: build a brand. Creative conversations with host Deepak Chopra uncover the layers that comprise a successful and unique brand in the oversaturated lifestyle industry.

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True Love

The greatest adventure in life is learning how to love – how to love yourself and in turn, how to love others. Love is a journey home, a journey to meet yourself and discover that you are more than you believe. David Verdesi takes you on a journey to discovering yourself and all you are destined to be. From human spirituality, relationship dynamics, languages of desire, and sexuality, the True Love workshop with David Verdesi encourages the self-discovery of who you are, and the undeniable ability to transform your life into one that is fueled by happiness, compassion, and love.

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Imagination One

Our public facing civic dialogue, currently politicized beyond recognition, is seldom defined through reasoned discussion and considered action. The goal of the Imagination One series is to help uncover qualitative and or quantitative solutions for each unique concern. Imagination One, organized by Scott Brandon and Martine Dubin, is designed to focus attention on how we perceive and receive information, how we negotiate social concerns, and how we collectively attend to the many issues facing humankind today. But above all, the dialogue aims to emphasize the need for continuous conversation regarding the vital roles in which imaginative thinking and creative action play for society. Imagination is a powerful force, making the world curious, outgoing and innovative.

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The Future of Living

Future of Living explores the behaviors and living standards of an urban lifestyle, ideas that have health, environmental, and economic benefits for building occupants and urban environments over the next century. By leveraging smart technology, innovative mindsets, and next-gen design, day-to-day city living can enhance community vitality, climate resiliency and maximize livability. This show spotlights ingenious solutions and pioneers, including longevity visionary Sergey Young and Georgetown University's Steer Center for Real Estate, who spearhead regenerative development and design.

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