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The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga

Eddie Stern demonstrates practices for engaging your whole being. From dynamic postures, guided meditation and deep breathing, this 18-lesson series is suitable for yogis of any experience level. An introduction by Deepak Chopra reveals leading advancements in neuroplasticity and epigenetics, explaining how proper yoga techniques can physically change the structure of the brain. These sessions are not only educational but also provide a spiritual and calming experience. Begin your practice today.

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Invisible World

Welcome to Invisible World. Some of the most important things in our lives are invisible. The air we breathe, our minds, our futures and trust to name a few. Decoding the unseen is an art, a skill and a science that is very much required in today’s fast paced world. Jay Shetty, a storyteller, Urban Monk, life observer and behavioural economist thinks out loud about positivity, philosophy and perspective in this series.

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La serie primaria de Ashtanga Yoga

Eddie Stern muestra prácticas para involucrar a todo tu ser. Desde posturas dinámicas, meditación guiada y respiración profunda, esta serie de 18 lecciones es adecuada para yoguis de cualquier nivel de experiencia. Una introducción de Deepak Chopra revela los principales avances en neuroplasticidad y epigenética, explicando cómo las técnicas de yoga adecuadas pueden cambiar físicamente la estructura del cerebro. Estas sesiones no solo son educativas, sino que también proporcionan una experiencia espiritual y tranquilizadora. Comienza tu práctica hoy mismo.

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The Stress Reduction Special

In this series of short lessons, Eddie Stern highlights a versatile range of endurance postures, breathing exercises and meditations designed to reduce stress and calm the body. Each practice engages a different part of the body to build up resiliency for managing stress inducers in our day to day lives.

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Image for Especial de Reducción de Stress

Especial de Reducción de Stress

En estas 10 cortas lecciones, Eddie Stern resalta un rango de poses fortalecedoras vinculadas por la respiración. Cada práctica muestra una parte diferente del cuerpo, haciéndoles más fáciles de seguir.

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Image for The Inner Strength Special

The Inner Strength Special

Practice yoga with the Inner Strength Series led by Eddie Stern. This series includes 4 guided lessons for shorter every day practice designed to enhance core strength while connecting the whole body to the flow of the breath. Eddie Stern initiates the series with a breath awareness routine, followed by back bending and a full 7-minute lesson in plank.

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Image for Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic Growth

A series of conversations with the leaders on the forefront of mental health discoveries and treatments for active duty service members and veterans dealing with PTS. Committed to serving them as well as their families, the featured guests share their drive, passion, and philanthropic sense behind this incredible important movement of fostering wellbeing throughout multiple sectors of life. Emotional, spiritual, physical, and economic health.

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Image for Resonance Breathing

Resonance Breathing

During this short session, Eddie Stern introduces you to resonance breathing. Resonance is the scientific name that describes what happens when our heart rate and brain waves come into a coherent frequency. Resonance occurs spontaneously when we breathe at a rate of 5 to 7 breaths per minute (instead of our usual 15-18). When life has us moving too fast and we feel overwhelmed, it’s as if our accelerator is pressed down. Resonance breathing - a conscious, guided breath - will put you back into the driver’s seat and restore your sense of self. Eddie Stern and Dr. Deepak Chopra launched The Breathing App, a free app available in the Apple Store. Alongside this introduction, the app helps guide you into a deeply healing breathing frequency. It’s a perfect resource for those who have little access or guidance to learn meditation.

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Image for Respiración de Resonancia

Respiración de Resonancia

Durante esta corta sesión, Eddie Stern nos presenta la respiración de resonancia. Resonancia es el nombre científico que describe lo que ocurre cuando nuestro ritmo cardiaco y ondas cerebrales entran en una frecuencia coherente. La resonancia se da espontáneamente cuando respiramos a un ritmo de 5 a 7 respiraciones por minuto (en lugar de las usuales 15-18). Cuando la vida nos tiene moviéndonos muy rápido y nos sentimos abrumados, es como si nuestro acelerador estuviese presionado. La respiración de resonancia, una respiración consciente y guiada, nos colocará de nuevo en el asiento del conductor, reestableciendo nuestro sentido de ser. Eddie Stern y el Dr. Deepak Chopra lanzaron The Breathing App, una aplicación gratuita disponible en el App Store. Junto a esta introducción, la aplicación nos ayuda guiándonos hacia una frecuencia de respiración profundamente reparadora con solo unas pocas respiraciones. ¡Perfecto para aquellos con poco acceso a una guía o para quienes no quieren (o dicen no poder) meditar!

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