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Urban Yogis

The Urban Yogis series, hosted by Eddie Stern, travels to different environments, people and places in order to share one clear message: yoga can be transformative for anyone. Urban Yogis features the lives and stories of cancer survivors, inner-city youth, recovering addicts, artists and beyond for inspiring, heartfelt stories.

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Doctor of philosophy, Ken Kobayashi shares his knowledge of preventive medicine and holistic health to help you regulate imbalances, reaching harmony of the body, mind and spirit. The Kobayashi family of Japan have practiced the following techniques in their holistic healing center for over 350 years. The series dives into a regimen of 7 elements which manipulate the energy manifesting within body and nature to treat illness, improve wellbeing and reach a state of homeostasis.

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One World Medicine

In this series, medical professionals, specialists and nutritionists explain some of their groundbreaking advancements in great depth. With topics ranging from chronic disease, aging, mental health and more, One World Medicine will enlighten you to some of the widely underestimated discoveries that can dramatically change your wellbeing.

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Dance movement was created with the intent of expressing or communicating emotion, feelings and ideas. Similarly, the fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony of the body, mind, and environment. Throughout the evolution of dance and yoga, these intents have never wavered. Movement, in all its forms, allows us to become consciously aware of our inner being and the world around us. This connection often brings joy and confidence- two emotions which resonate throughout the life of creative dancer, Anna de Pahlen. In this series, Anna de Pahlen explores movement in the form of dance and yoga, an illuminating experience where she freely performs dances that give her purpose. Anna hopes that by sharing her passion, she can create a nurturing space in which people can heal, grow, and unapologetically have fun.

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Life's True Luxury

The meaning of life is to be happy, and the pursuit of meaning is happiness. We as individuals do not create such meaning, rather it is discovered as we fearlessly process and realize our identities through experience. Life’s true luxury is not material; the power of creating your own happiness is the real luxury we should all strive for. Anthropologist, researcher and life coach, David Verdesi has dedicated his work to understanding the meaning of life on a micro-level and sharing his discoveries with the modern world. In this lecture workshop, Life’s True Luxury, Verdesi will define happiness and its history throughout our world’s wisdom traditions, share real-life circumstances that create our energies and teach practices for developing mindful awareness - allowing you to unleash your potential, develop your identity and unlock pure happiness for the long-term.

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Open Up

Open Up is a new wellness platform celebrating human idiosyncrasy and connecting people with the resources they need to empower transformation from the inside out. Host, Sam Turrell features new guests each show discussing mental wellbeing, experience with mental health, physical routine and its benefits, the creative process and cultivating confidence, pressures of ego and media attention, and enabling self-love and self-care.

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Growing Young

There is a new era of aging. Is is a unique time in the history of evolution, and living 20, 30, even 50 years longer is a possibility that's in reach. Sergey Young, longevity expert and visionary has made it his mission to help reshape the lifestyles and environments of over a billion people. His theories are compelling, but can we realistically live to be 200 years old? What will life be like? What breakthroughs in technology are underway to make this possible? Sergey Young shares his expertise and knowledge to help you live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

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Yoga and Meditation

Eddie Stern explains how yoga and meditation practices are one in the same. The main purpose of yoga is to bring union and concentration to the whole body through engaging the breath, while meditation promotes consciousness of the breath and being. Understand their integrated relationship and begin your simultaneous practice today.

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Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

We grew up to believe that achieving success requires relentless hard work. In the natural world, creation comes forth with ease. A seed doesn't struggle to become a tree-it simply unfolds in grace. During this lecture, Dr. Deepak Chopra shares an up-to-date interpretation of his popular book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for how you can use these powerful principles to fulfill your deepest desires with effortless joy.

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Ultimate Happiness Prescription

Happiness. We know it immediately when we see it in others. We spend our time, money, and even our lives searching for it. In this lecture, Dr. Deepak Chopra offers his latest research in the bestselling book The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, sharing the mysteries of emotional intelligence and exercises aimed at getting rid of negative thoughts. This lecture is dedicated to helping society live in balance, releasing toxins from your mind and body, and replacing fear with love.

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Undoing the Stress Epidemic

Eddie Stern addresses an ever-worsening issue in modern society: the stress epidemic. Stress is one of the top health concerns among adults, causing anxiety, depression and severe physical health complications. Eddie Stern demonstrates methods to combat this. When we slow our breath, we have the power to reduce inflammation within the body for physical and psychiatric balance. We have teamed up with Southampton Arts Center, The Purist, Juice Press and Never Stop Learning for this special lecture.

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Meditation Workshop

During this meditation workshop with Deepak Chopra and his daughter, Mallika Chopra, we learn about Mallika’s journey, her upbringing and the mindfulness practices Deepak instilled into their home starting at a young age. The lessons discussed are ones you can too instill into the disciplines of your everyday life for conscious living and manifestation of your desires.

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