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Breathe deeply and expand mindful awareness with guided meditations and yoga lesson guides, breathing techniques and self-help masterclasses to harness your well-being and live a healthier, dynamic lifestyle.

Image for The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga

The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga

Eddie Stern demonstrates practices for engaging your whole being. From dynamic postures, guided meditation and deep breathing, this 18-lesson series is suitable for yogis of any experience level. An introduction by Deepak Chopra reveals leading advancements in neuroplasticity and epigenetics, explaining how proper yoga techniques can physically change the structure of the brain. These sessions are not only educational but also provide a spiritual and calming experience. Begin your practice today.

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Dance movement was created with the intent of expressing or communicating emotion, feelings and ideas. Similarly, the fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony of the body, mind, and environment. Throughout the evolution of dance and yoga, these intents have never wavered. Movement, in all its forms, allows us to become consciously aware of our inner being and the world around us. This connection often brings joy and confidence- two emotions which resonate throughout the life of creative dancer, Anna de Pahlen.

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Image for Urban Oracles

Urban Oracles

Jay Shetty is fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves. He is a catalyst for global change, discussing topics common to every known culture known to human existence. The Urban Oracles series questions the stories we tell ourselves, how we view ourselves, our impact on change, and methods for allowing creativity to flourish in your life. Inspire your personal growth and discover new perceptions about yourself with this exclusive series of conversations with Jay Shetty.

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The driving force of life and the desire to share stories gives us a deeper sense of the world. It’s essential to innovation and what motivated Martine Dubin to start the tv network, CORE. Civilizations going back to the beginning of time have recorded and documented their ideas, adventures, and knowledge. Heroes have instilled inspiration and values into our culture. Stories around the marvels of science, philosophy, worldly explorations and tributes to societies and lifestyle. Martine Dubin features these common themes, principles which energize our mind and reshape the way we think and live.

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Image for Undoing the Stress Epidemic

Undoing the Stress Epidemic

Eddie Stern addresses an ever-worsening issue in modern society: the stress epidemic. Stress is one of the top health concerns among adults, causing anxiety, depression and severe physical health complications. Eddie Stern demonstrates methods to combat this. When we slow our breath, we have the power to reduce inflammation within the body for physical and psychiatric balance. We have teamed up with Southampton Arts Center, The Purist, Juice Press and Never Stop Learning for this special lecture.

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Image for Invisible World

Invisible World

Welcome to Invisible World. Some of the most important things in our lives are invisible. The air we breathe, our minds, our futures and trust to name a few. Decoding the unseen is an art, a skill and a science that is very much required in today’s fast paced world. Jay Shetty, a storyteller, Urban Monk, life observer and behavioural economist thinks out loud about positivity, philosophy and perspective in this series.

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Image for The Stress Reduction Special

The Stress Reduction Special

In this series of short lessons, Eddie Stern highlights a versatile range of endurance postures, breathing exercises and meditations designed to reduce stress and calm the body. Each practice engages a different part of the body to build up resiliency for managing stress inducers in our day to day lives.

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Image for Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

We grew up to believe that achieving success requires relentless hard work. In the natural world, creation comes forth with ease. A seed doesn't struggle to become a tree-it simply unfolds in grace. During this lecture, Dr. Deepak Chopra shares an up-to-date interpretation of his popular book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for how you can use these powerful principles to fulfill your deepest desires with effortless joy.

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Image for Ultimate Happiness Prescription

Ultimate Happiness Prescription

Happiness. We know it immediately when we see it in others. We spend our time, money, and even our lives searching for it. In this lecture, Dr. Deepak Chopra offers his latest research in the bestselling book The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, sharing the mysteries of emotional intelligence and exercises aimed at getting rid of negative thoughts. This lecture is dedicated to helping society live in balance, releasing toxins from your mind and body, and replacing fear with love.

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Image for The Inner Strength Special

The Inner Strength Special

Practice yoga with the Inner Strength Series led by Eddie Stern. This series includes 4 guided lessons for shorter every day practice designed to enhance core strength while connecting the whole body to the flow of the breath. Eddie Stern initiates the series with a breath awareness routine, followed by back bending and a full 7-minute lesson in plank.

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Image for Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic Growth

A series of conversations with the leaders on the forefront of mental health discoveries and treatments for active duty service members and veterans dealing with PTS. Committed to serving them as well as their families, the featured guests share their drive, passion, and philanthropic sense behind this incredible important movement of fostering wellbeing throughout multiple sectors of life. Emotional, spiritual, physical, and economic health.

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Image for Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Eddie Stern explains how yoga and meditation practices are one in the same. The main purpose of yoga is to bring union and concentration to the whole body through engaging the breath, while meditation promotes consciousness of the breath and being. Understand their integrated relationship and begin your simultaneous practice today.

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Image for Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop

During this meditation workshop with Deepak Chopra and his daughter, Mallika Chopra, we learn about Mallika’s journey, her upbringing and the mindfulness practices Deepak instilled into their home starting at a young age. The lessons discussed are ones you can too instill into the disciplines of your everyday life for conscious living and manifestation of your desires.

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Image for Resonance Breathing

Resonance Breathing

Eddie Stern introduces you to resonance breathing. Resonance is the scientific name that describes what happens when our heart rate and brain waves come into a coherent frequency. When life has us moving too fast and we feel overwhelmed, it’s as if our accelerator is pressed down. Resonance breathing - a conscious, guided breath - will put you back into the driver’s seat and restore your sense of self.

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