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This documentary series will begin production in 2023. Through films like this one, CORE hopes to facilitate a shift in the focus of today's media consumption toward initiatives that foster spiritual understanding and elevate global consciousness.

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Book of Knowledge - Season 2

The Mediterranean

The Quest For Meaning

On a quest for meaning to redefine modern spirituality, David Verdesi is urged to uncover the core reasoning behind instinctive human desire for transcendence, altered states of reality, spiritual yearning, awakening and rebirth. Traveling the world 30+ years, David finds himself back in Rome, his family’s home base since the early 1400s.

Season 2 addresses the questions around the intersection of spirituality, science and religious ritual, community, psychedelics, and anthropology. Alongside esteemed scholars and experts including Ian Baker, Dario del Bufalo and Father Francis Tiso, David explores historic knowledge, performs qualitative research, and conduct interviews with those experiencing the phenomenon of non-religious spiritual journeys. David travels to uncover the roots of humanity’s existence throughout the Mediterranean, meets with mystics and royals and visits to ancient ruins. Verdesi is willing to embark on any journey to reach transcendence.

About this show

Documentary Series

Hosted by:  David Verdesi

Co-Hosted by:  Ian Baker

Season 1 - 3 episodes

Studio:  Martine Dubin Company


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