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About Arnaud Collery

Co-founder and CEO of Humanava, Arnaud Collery is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and coach in the fields of tech, entertainment and personal growth. As a pioneer in several fields (Chief Happiness Officer training being one of them), his impact as a storytelling coach inspired and allowed hundreds of people to share their truth. Some say he's a futurist. He empowered 1000 CEOs and coached more than 150 organizations, foundations and companies. Arnaud worked in more than 30 countries, gave 3 Tedx Talks and wrote 2 books : "Mister Happiness" and "Réinventez votre vie". He worked with Google, Nations Unies, UNICEF, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Parlement Européen, Canal +, le Consulat de France à New York...

After 20 years living abroad (mostly in the US and Japan), he now lives in Bordeaux (France), where he co-founded Humanava in 2021. This personal growth platform teaches human skills through inspiring masterclasses. Through one of these masterclasses, Arnaud shares his field of expertise: resilience and reinventing yourself. Arnaud uses his global mindset and out of the box thinking for personal growth, empowering and coaching others to pursue their purpose and happiness, and reinvent themselves.

About Humavana

Humanava is the platform for personal development courses paving the way for a promising future, and aiming to fast-track human potential, uniting like-minded humans from around the world. Humanava's series of masterclasses encourage outward thinking to unlock every individual's hidden human intelligence, whether stepping into leadership, building a diverse workplace, or bringing mindfulness to daily routines.

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Season 1

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