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Curious Minds

Quantum Interactions

Dr. Ruth Karstner

Dr. Ruth Karstner enlightens listeners in this episode with well-articulated explanations to the processes of quantum transactions and interactions. Her studies, research and book continue to explore the possibilities of physical reality and its implications for free will and the structure of spacetime events.

32:09 | 2020

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About Dr. Ruth Karstner

Ruth E. Kastner is a philosopher of science, educator, and author. She received her M.S. in physics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1992, and then decided she was interested in the foundational aspects being studied at the UMCP Philosophy Department. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy (History and Philosophy of Science) with J. Bub as her dissertation advisor. She has received two National Science Foundation awards for research into interpretational issues in quantum theory, and is the author of three nonfiction books based on her research.

She is known for her defense and possibilist extension of John G. Cramer's "Transactional" Interpretation of quantum mechanics. The transactional interpretation makes no experimental predictions different from standard quantum mechanics, however, does remove some of the puzzling and perhaps unnecessary assumptions that are part of other interpretations of quantum mechanics.

Visit her website https://www.ruthekastner.org/

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