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Investment Ventures In Medicine

Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky is a serial entrepreneur, professor and investor who has founded 8 companies in the United States and Europe in the last 30 years. Varsavsky has a passion for powerful ventures that drastically change the medical industry. Some of his most notable business ventures include Prelude Fertility/Inception in 2017 (which is now the largest chain of fertility clinics in the USA) and Overture Life (focused on automating the embryology lab). Martin Varsavsky has also developed Goggo Network, an Axel Springer/Softbank backed startup that is helping develop the legal and engineering framework for fleets of autonomous vehicles and plans to deploy these fleets. He has co-developed a renewable energy company in Spain, Eolia, and even built Ya.com, a European internet portal that provides free internet access. His undeniable talent for building and funding ventures for success extends across a diverse range of industries. Visit his website https://english.martinvarsavsky.net

23:09 | 2012

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