with Anna de Pahlen

Dance movement was created with the intent of expressing or communicating emotion, feelings and ideas. Similarly, the fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony of the body, mind, and environment. Throughout the evolution of dance and yoga, these intents have never wavered. Movement, in all its forms, allows us to become consciously aware of our inner being and the world around us. This connection often brings joy and confidence- two emotions which resonate throughout the life of creative dancer, Anna de Pahlen. In this series, Anna de Pahlen explores movement in the form of dance and yoga, an illuminating experience where she freely performs dances that give her purpose. Anna hopes that by sharing her passion, she can create a nurturing space in which people can heal, grow, and unapologetically have fun.


About the show

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HD PG-13

About Anna de Pahlen

Anna de Pahlen is a yoga teacher and creative dance facilitator who is passionate about promoting self-expression through movement. Anna studied Law at La Sorbonne (Paris) while dancing on the side. She followed her studies by earning a Musical/Theatre degree at AICOM. She then trained as a contemporary dancer in Trinity Laban and studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) at the University of Roehampton. Anna teaches and leads for Secret Sunrise, a community which shares positivity and celebrates uniting people across the globe through movement- providing joy, and inspiring worldwide change.

Visit her website:https://annadepahlen.com/

Season 1

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