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Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is an individual fueled by generosity and talent. Producer, director, actor, musician and humanitarian top the list of roles he performs throughout his multifarious life. Adrian discusses his efforts in this episode where his down-to-earth demeanor and interconnected humanness shines.

Host, Deepak Chopra uncovers the many layers of Adrian’s cool consciousness. Among the myriad of Adrian Greniers’s accomplishments, his goal of inspiring people to question how they look at their conventional way of life is the focal point of his work. Grenier states that it’s in the wisdom of the shared experience that we find solutions. He is continually working to gather cultural wisdom, through the documentaries he directs and produces, on tour with his environmentally conscious bandmates, The Honey Brothers, and with his with growing initiative for a sustainable future, SHFT.com.

40:00 | 2014

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Adrian Grenier is an actor, filmmaker, and musician well known for his role on HBO's Entourage. His film credits include: The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Drive Me Crazy, Cecil B. DeMented, Adventures of Power, and the Woody Allen films Celebrity and Anything Else. He has directed numerous short films and documentaries including Shot in the Dark, which chronicles his years-long search for his father and Teenage Paparazzo, which explores the relationship between celebrity and society. As a musician, he plays percussion in the "Appalachian glamrock" outfit the Honey Brothers. He co-founded SHFT in 2009 with film producer Peter Glatzer after the two collaborated on Alter Eco, a TV series for Discovery.

Visit his website https://shft.com

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