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Advising The Gift of Giving

Jenny Santi

Jenny Santi is a Filipino artist, author, and philanthropy specialist based in New York. From Goldie Hawn to David Foster to some of Asia's most prominent billionaires, Jenny Santi is a trusted philanthropy advisor to the world’s leading and biggest philanthropists. She shares how giving helps everyone, from the giver to those receiving.

21:43 | 2014

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About Jenny Santi

Jenny Santi is the founder of Saint Partners, a philanthropy services firm that manages, represents, and advises high net worth individuals and public figures on their philanthropy. Her firm's clients include Giving Pledgers, celebrity activists, and leading entrepreneurs and families who wish to channel their wealth, influence and desire for meaning towards social good.

Jenny Santi is also an artist. Her evolution into painting allowed her to further extend the range of her creative abilities and multidisciplinary interests. Her nature-inspired abstractions and expressionist depictions of the living world explore the healing power of art, as well as the human ability to find hope, beauty, and the possibility of redemption amidst the most melancholic of places. She is the author of the The Giving Way to Happiness: Stories & Science Behind the Life-changing Power of Giving (Penguin Random House, 2014).

Visit her website https://www.jennysanti.com/

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