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The Art of Community Banking

Josh Siegel

As humans we are drawn to other humans. We find comfort and strength in bonding together to form close knit groups that keep in mind the interests of the entire group rather than focusing solely on the needs of any one individual. We call these groups communities, and we create them in nearly every aspect of our lives; our neighborhoods are communities; at work we may have another close-knit community and online we can have communities based on common interests not bound by geography. With community playing such a key role in our lives, it seems like a natural step to create financial communities. This was the vision that Josh Siegel had in 2003 when he founded StoneCastle Partners which has grown to be one of the largest and most respected firms in community banking.

21:25 | 2013

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About Josh Siegel

Joshua Siegel founded StoneCastle Partners, LLC in 2003 and serves as Managing Partner and the Chief Executive Officer. He is widely regarded as a leading expert and investor in the banking industry. His innovations have brought nearly $40 billion of capital and $25 billion of deposits to more than 1,600 community and regional banks. He was an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and is frequently called upon to teach and train state and federal bank examiners and conduct seminars for government entities and banking associations.

Prior to StoneCastle, Joshua was a co-founder and Vice President of the Global Portfolio Solutions Group at Salomon Brothers/Citigroup, where he developed new products including pooled investment strategies for community banks. Before joining Salomon Brothers/Citigroup, Joshua worked at Sumitomo Bank and served as a member of its New York Credit Committee. Prior to Sumitomo, Joshua worked for Charterhouse, carrying out merchant banking and private equity transactions.

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