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Kerry Trainor

Kerry Trainor is a successful businessman and entertainment industry guru whose passion embraces and empowers quality independent creators, whether it be a visual artist or musician. Former CEO, Kerry Trainor shares the unique and high-quality experiences which Vimeo presents to its users and creators, from start to finish.

20:15 | 2014

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About Kerry Trainor

Kerry Trainor is presently a Board Member and former CEO of Soundcloud, which he joined in 2017. Kerry Trainor’s influence at Soundcloud kickstarted the flopping business into a powerhouse in the music streaming industry again through creative integrations. Previously, Kerry Trainor was the Chief Executive Officer of Vimeo. In this capacity he is responsible for the strategy, oversight, and development of Vimeo’s business. Mr. Trainor joins Vimeo from AOL, Inc. (Nasdaq: AOL) where he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Entertainment for the Huffington Post Media Group.

Prior to AOL, Mr. Trainor was co-founder and CEO of FlipGloss Media, which was acquired by Forbes Media. FlipGloss is a photo distribution platform enabling publishers and advertisers to embed interactive, magazine-style photo packages across the web.

Prior to FlipGloss, Mr. Trainor was Head of Global Media Products for Yahoo! Music. Mr. Trainor began his Internet career at music startup LAUNCH.com which was acquired by Yahoo!.