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Michael Bronner

Michael Bronner started Digitas at only 20 years old to help pay for his college. Little did he know, he would end college early and pursue his company as a career. Today, Digitas is one of the first and most prolific digital marketing companies in the world. Michael Bronner’s mission as an entrepreneur and investor is to help build coalitions amongst companies, bringing business of all sizes together to solve problems and do good in the world.

24:57 | 2014

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About Michael Bronner

Michael Bronner is the founder and chairman emeritus of Digitas and Upromise. Digitas is a global interactive marketing agency employing over 3,000 people. Digitas was purchased by Publicis Groupe in 2006. Upromise was founded by Michael to help make college more attainable for middle class families. Upromise is the largest private source of college funding in America, with 10 million families enrolled in the free service. Upromise was purchased by Sallie Mae in 2006.

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