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Building an Ecological Business

Stephanie Watson

As 100 most innovative companies in America & Crain's Fast Fifty, Bobble co-founder, Stephanie Watson brings social mission, intelligent, functional patents with emotive design to more than 40,000 retailers worldwide. Since, Bobble was successfully sold to Seventh Generation, a 25-year pioneer in the sustainability arena and one of the nation's leading green brands. Bobble is a sleek reusable, patented water bottle that filters as you drink, providing instant sustainable filtration, giving consumers an ecological alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles.

22:03 | 2014

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About Stephanie Watson

Stephanie is a pioneering, creative entrepreneur who specializes in developing sustainable products and brands. Her proven track record in starting, running and rolling out successful global businesses and brands spans 16 years, across both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Presently, Stephanie has founded Mimikai. A new brand of naturally effective insect repellents that will change category norms by turning repellents into a lifestyle brand. Nature is precise and powerful in its ability to keep us healthy; it is a complex, purposeful system that allows us to live side by side without unhealthy side effects. Mimikai draws on this system for inspiration by partnering with North Caroline State University to commercialize their proven method for repelling insects using a patented active ingredient extracted from wild tomato plants formed on the principles of biomimicry.