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Environmental Exploration

Johan Ernst Nilson

From the Explorers Club, the Travellers Club, Nepalese Honorary Goodwill Ambassador to his 30 expeditions in 120 countries, Swedish explorer, Johan Ernst Nilson’s true focus lies with coaching motivation and environmental awareness. He shares how his journey as an adventurer started, and the importance of mindset in achieving your goals. Everything is impossible until you change it.

20:40 | 2014

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About Johan Ernst Nilson

Johan Ernst Nilson is from Sweden and has been traveling around the world for much of his life. He is one of today’s most celebrated travelers and adventures. Johan sees himself as an “environmental explorer” however. Johan has constantly been attracting public attention to climate change and its consequences through his consistent philanthropic endeavors. He gives talks and lectures on environmental awareness and the state of the world as well as on motivation, inspiration and peak performance.

Johan has been a global adventurer for more than 20 years and travelled 170 countries. He is a Guinness world record holder. He has embarked on a journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, has already climbed the Seven Summits, has flown a boat across Europe, cycled from Sweden to the Sahara Desert, and so much more.

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