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One World Medicine

Healing Through Art

Dr. Iva Fattorini

As a doctor focused on international health, Dr. Iva Fattorini has had the opportunity to observe many patients from around the world in the ways in which they deal with their treatment. She noticed that for many patients once the medical tests are done, so much of their time is spent waiting. They are essentially left to watch the clock because many hospitals do not provide additional stimulation beyond the basics of treatment for their patients.

When a patient is in hospital for a life-threatening illness, there is often a moment of self-reflection as one confronts their own mortality. Dr. Fattorini believes that this is a moment in which healthcare providers should be providing something new and beautiful to that patient's life. Her organization, Artcene, works to activate the latent therapeutic power of art in a way that not only makes a stay in the hospital more enjoyable, but also promotes the healing process.

23:54 | 2013

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About Iva Fattorini

Dr Iva became MD at the age of 23, completed her Dermatology Residency and Masters in Zagreb, and undertook an International Training program at Harvard University. From 2004-2015 she worked in executive roles at the Cleveland Clinic, in USA and in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With strong motive to help international patients with limited access to good healthcare, she became Director of International E-health. Strongly driven by the vision to enrich the care and hospital experience, she founded the Arts and Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic in 2008.

Under her leadership, first as Executive Director and then as a Chair, the Institute has grown and has become the integral part of the culture of one of the best and largest hospitals in the U.S. The Institute has set up a new paradigm and standards in the area of arts and medicine. Dr Fattorini is a member of the first Arts and Medicine committee at the World Congress of Integrative Medicine, the founding member of Lincoln Center Global Exchange, the ambassador for The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission, member of National Advisory Board for Lake Nona Impact Forum and the founding ambassador of National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH). She founded Artocene in 2014 and Artocene Digital in 2018, with a vision to activate the latent therapeutic power of the arts on a global level with the highest professional standards. Companies provide consulting services and are developing innovative products in the intersection of arts and health. In 2015 Iva moved to United Kingdom where she lives and works now.

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