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Brad’s Raw Foods

Brad Gruno

When his telecommunications business was lost at the age of 40, he felt stuck and lost and unsure of his next step. It took his aunt’s desire to lose weight for him to start researching diets and nutrition when he stumbled upon the raw food community. It changed his world, and became his next business venture, Brad’s Raw Foods.

20:27 | 2014

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About Brad Gruno

Serial entrepreneur, business consultant, author and health guru Brad Gruno is the epitome of the American entrepreneurial spirit. After two decades of successfully driving profitable businesses throughout the fiber optics boom, Gruno found himself in an overcrowded telecommunications industry without much of a promise for continued success in that sector. It was during that time he discovered the benefits of a raw diet, exercise, yoga and meditation, and made a life‐changing shift to reinvent himself and his career by creating Brad’s Raw Foods, LLC. Since founding the company in 2009, Brad’s Raw Foods has grown to nearly $20 million in annual revenue, with over 100 employees and international distribution in grocery stores. It also operates the largest food dehydration facility of its kind in the United States. Taking the company as far as he had envisioned, Gruno departed his namesake brand in February 2015 to focus on discovering the next health and wellness product, service or technology with the potential to make a substantial impact on how consumers approach their overall health.

Visit his website https://www.brad-gruno.com/

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