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The Food Babe

Vani Hari

Vani Hari aka “The Food Babe”, is a NY Times best-selling author and activist who has continuously battles corrupt food companies to successfully demand the removal of dangerous food additives from reaching the shelves. She claims that “any ingredient you can’t pronounce shouldn’t be in your food.” Vani shares ways to dismantle confusing, lengthy food labels to expose the truth about harmful ingredients in our daily diet. In this episode, join Vani’s movement for a more educated diet and a healthier lifestyle.

22:24 | 2014

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About Vani Hari

Vani Deva Hari, who blogs as the Food Babe, is an American author and activist who criticizes the food industry. She started the Food Babe blog in 2011, and it received over 54 million views in 2014. For most of her life, she ate anything she wanted until her typical American diet landed her where that diet typically does, in a hospital. It was then that Vani Hari decided to make health my number one priority.

Vani Hari used her newfound inspiration for living a healthy life to drive my energy into investigating what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production. She hopes to inspire healthier living through FoodBabe.com, helping people experience a richer sense of health and wellbeing.

Visit her blog https://foodbabe.com/

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