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Digital Pioneer & Founder of Buddy Media Inc.

Michael Lazerow

Michael Lazerow, digital pioneer and entrepreneur shares his number one key to success: recognizing opportunity when it presents itself. Throughout Lazerow’s life and career, he’s looked at the world with an open mind and heart, while making an effort to think proactively ahead of the curve.

Lazerow had studied journalism as a student, but with the advent of the digital age, he realized there was work to be done facilitating storytelling online. He describes how he was one of the first few million people on Facebook, and utilized Facebook to build his marketing business: Buddy Media. With his belief in the necessity of content that consumers love, he used Buddy Media to help companies reach people on a personal level.

27:17 | 2012

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About Michael Lazerow

Michael Lazerow is a serial entrepreneur who has who has founded and sold over 4 media companies and invested in over 25 others. Most notably in 2007, Michael co-founded Buddy Media, Inc., a privately held company that offers social media solutions to some of the world's largest brands. Buddy Media Inc. was later purchased by Salesforce.

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