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One World Women


Ala'a Basatneh

Honored by Amnesty International as Human Rights Hero, Ala’a Basatneh’s efforts in Syria have made her the main character of Hollywood feature documentary #ChicagoGirl. Born in Damascus, she was schooled and raised in Chicago. At only 19 she became an imminent link in the Syrian revolution. By means of social media she connected 100s of thousands of activists in Syria with journalists, expatriates, Syrian students studying abroad, and orchestrated lines of communication. From translation news coming from the warzones, alarming villagers of planned attacks so they would be able to escape just in time with little children, to raising awareness with the hashtag #SpeakUpforSyrianChildren. A brave young woman, Deepak Chopra thanks her for all she does for humanity at the end of his conversation with her.

28:06 | 2015

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