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The Impact of The Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg

There are few people who have had as much impact on the fashion world as Diane Von Furstenberg. Legendary for her effortless wrap dresses and vibrant patterns, her influence on design can be seen everywhere. Stars like Gwenyth Paltrow, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Lopez and even Kate Middleton have worn her designs. When Deepak Chopra sat down with Diane he wanted to discuss what has been the inspiration for a woman who has gone on to inspire so many others.

Diane's mother, who survived 13 months in Auschwitz, was a profound influence in her life. Having this strong female role model in her life was key in her success. I was raised by my mother who thought that it was always an advantage to be a woman. Femininity was not seen as a weakness but rather as a strength that can and should be embraced. It was a powerful message and one that seems to have made quite an impact not only on Diane's career but also on her desire to recognize the huge contributions women are making in multiple arenas across the globe.

Diane created the DVF awards to recognize other strong and inspiring women, which will celebrate their fifth anniversary this year. We give five awards to women who have not only survived but have taken leadership, she explained in this show. Past winners have included celebrities and politicians but also lesser known women who are equally inspirational and deserve to have their stories told. These women are wow! These women are so impressive and they humble you because they do so much, Diane tells Deepak. Diane Von Furstenburg's legacy as a designer is one that will be remembered for generations for her unique aesthetic but it is her work supporting other women that has set her apart as a leader in the celebration of female empowerment.

22:59 | 2014

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