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Foundation To Prevent Teenage Suicide

Lauren Anderson

After the traumatic loss of her 17-year old brother in high school due to suicide, Lauren Anderson launched and is now running the Josh Anderson Foundation. The organization helps prevent teenage suicide and implement programs in high schools that reduce stigma and empower youth to seek help. Lauren explains in this show that if you can interject and connect with the student during a period of crisis, most often you can talk them out of taking an impulsive decision. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga in addition play a big role in the ongoing process. Youth are not necessarily self-aware. During busy school weeks they’re generally going and going and going. Students need the tools to be a little more self-aware of what they’re feeling and thinking, and positively react instead of impulsively reacting. Lauren tries to help safe teenage lives and take to heart their mental wellness.

20:03 | 2013

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