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One World Women

Self-Discovery in the Western World

Nadia Manzoor

Nadia P. Manzoor, British-Pakistani writer and performer shares the struggles of her traditional conservative Pakistani upbringing, where she was considered rebellious and a failure to her family. She shares her journey of self-discovery through a sea of secular ideas in the Western world, while still trying to hold on to her Pakistani identity. Her discussion with Deepak Chopra sheds light on important topics of conversation that are often overlooked about freedoms, culture and finding oneself against the odds of ethnic values.

24:47 | 2014

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About Nadia P. Manzoor

Nadia P. Manzoor is a British-Pakistani writer, performer, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is best known for her autobiographical solo show Burq Off! and for her web series Shugs & Fats, a comedy web-series with comedian Radhika Vaz. Shugs & Fats is a buddy comedy about two hijabis exploring their freedom as recent immigrants to Brooklyn. Manzoor and Vaz were named among the 25 New Faces in Independent Film in 2016 by Filmmaker Magazine. Shugs & Fats has had screenings at Tribeca Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, and Tacoma Film Festival.