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Jan-Patrick Schmitz

Montblanc North America

Jan-Patrick Schmitz, the President and CEO of Montblanc North America, a German manufacturing company of luxury goods. Mr. Schmitz oversees the North American business, including sales and marketing, a retail network of 37 boutiques, and a wholesale distribution of 850 points of sale, including 100 Shop‐in‐Shops. Schmitz, who has sponsored projects such as “The 24‐Hour Plays” on Broadway, as well as partnering with and supporting “The Juilliard School” with their numerous events and programs and has expanded Montblanc’s commitment to Culture and the Arts through the “Foundation d’Enterprise Montblanc de la Culture”, has been with the company since 2003. Mr. Schmitz is also dedicated to supporting Montblanc’s on‐going efforts against global illiteracy through “The Signature for Good” initiative with UNICEF.

22:44 | 2013

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