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Jeroen Wijering

JW Player

Jeroen Wijering was a university student in the Netherlands who was dissatisfied with the ads and downloads necessary for watching videos on the internet, so he took the initiative and created his own online player. This player was built into web browsers and allowed flash and similar applications to run online without any downloads.

As the founder and creator of JW Player, Wijering arrived at the game before most people even realized it had begun. Before it was acquired by Google, all YouTube videos ran through JW Player. Today, JW Player has a team of 160 people, and is used by 2.5 million websites, ranging from small blogs to big companies like Fox, ESPN, Redbull, and Vice. They are responsible for streaming over fifteen billion videos and have expanded from their origins as a video player to offer video hosting and transcoding capabilities, as well as data technology around analytics and digital recommendation.

21:33 | 2016

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