Nina Planck

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Nina Planck

Real Food & Farmer's Markets

Nina Planck is the author of the acclaimed Real Food: What to Eat and Why. Her vigorous defense of traditional foods opened tasty doors for eaters who had enough of low-fat and imitation foods.

In her book Real Food for Mother and Baby, Nina takes up traditional diets for mother, father, and child. She dismantles common misconceptions and fears about prenatal and weaning foods in her typically direct style. Nina’s cookbooks, the e-book Farmers’ Market Cookbook, and the gorgeous hardcover Real Food Cookbook, offer delicious and simple recipes using real food.

Her newest venture is Hidden-Roots: Storytelling for Women and Couples. Join Nina in New York City for Storytelling Circles. Hidden Roots gathers women for authentic storytelling and deep listening. The circle allows each woman to speak, to witness, and to reflect.

26:12 | 2016

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