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Sara Horowitz

Freelancers Union

Sara Horowitz is the founder and a former Executive Director of Freelancers Union. She has been an innovative leading voice of the growing freelance economy, creating solutions for the new workforce for over two decades. Sara founded Freelancers Union in 1995 and is now the CEO of Trupo. Trupo is building a new way to protect the freelance workforce by creating curated benefits packages just as an HR department does for full-timers. Freelancers Union is a partner and part-owner of Trupo, so Trupo’s growth will help fund freelancer advocacy initiatives for years to come.

Sara recognized early on the vital role independent workers would play in our networked, interconnected world. In 1995, she used her experience as a union organizer to found Freelancers Union, which promotes the needs of the independent workforce through advocacy, education, and community. Today, 56.7 million Americans freelance (about one-third of the entire workforce).

22:58 | 2013

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