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Posttraumatic Growth

Dr. Bret Moore

Dr. Bret Moore is a retired U.S. military veteran, psychologist, and Vice Chair of the Boulder Crest Institute. The several years which he spent in the armed forces as a psychologist have made him uniquely qualified to conduct research on post traumatic stress and post traumatic growth, both of which he was able to directly observe from the front lines. In this episode of PTS Dr. Bret Moore discusses the books which he co-authored “A Clinical Handbook, Wheels Down: Adjusting to Life after Deployment, and Taking Control of Anxiety: Small Steps for Overcoming Worry, Stress, and Fear.” These books are some of the first to talk about PTG in relation to PTSD and anxiety. He also speaks about his own journey into this groundbreaking research and why the work being done at Boulder Crest is so important.

24:04 | 2020

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