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Posttraumatic Growth


We've all endured trauma at some point throughout our lives, causing pain that takes a toll on our wellbeing. Boulder Crest has partnered with Healthwirefm to provide guidance for making peace with your past, learning to live in the present, and planning for a great future - filled with passion, purpose, connection, and growth. The path to growth is a process that includes 5 key phases - Education, Regulation, Disclosure, Story, and Service - which allow us to be reflective, learn acceptance, transform struggle into strength, and struggle well on our way to thriving. This series of conversations features leaders on the forefront of mental health at Boulder Crest, an organization that develops and delivers Posttraumatic Growth programs for combat veterans and their family members, and first responders who are dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder or other psychological health challenges.

03:38 | 2020

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