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Video Gaming Helps Anxiety & Depression In Children

40% of children will be diagnosable with an anxiety disorder by the time they are 18. Not only is this concerning for the mental wellbeing of our youth, but for future generations too, as children will struggle to build healthy relationships, emotional intelligence and academic functioning. It's typical for our youth to be enrolled in cognitive behavioral therapy as a result of their diagnoses, but this method doesn't work for a large majority of child patients - there must be another way.

In this episode, we’ll meet a team of researchers and video game makers from the Games for Emotional and Mental Health (GEMH) Lab — Director Dr. Isabela Granic, Co-Director Dr. Hanneke Scholten, and Creative Director Ken Koontz — who will change your perspective on the role of video games in the lives of children and teens as a way to become healthier, happier, and more resilient.

10:04 | 2022

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