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Uruguay360 captures the interests, traditions of vibrant Uruguayan natives which nourish the country's voluminous culture and preserve its rich traditions. Although the second smallest country in South America, Uruguay boasts an abundance of natural beauty and unique cultural expressions.

Explore the rural roots and traditions which remain important to the national identity since colonial times by meeting the cattle ranchers, winegrape growers and pastoral farmers who have famously preserved gaucho traditions for generations before them. Meet the political figureheads who influence the progressive, ever-evolving society. Experience Uruguay like never before and encounter the day-to-day lives, interests, and values of its peoples.


About the show

Hosted by: Martine Dubin & David Michaels

Music: Variety of Uruguayan Artists

10 episodes

Studio: Martine Dubin Company



About Uruguay

An independent country since 1828, with strong ties to the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Italy, Uruguay developed throughout much of the 20th century as one of Latin America's more progressive societies, notable for its political stability, advanced social legislation, and a relatively large middle class.

Uruguay has traditionally been more affluent than other countries in South America and is known for its advanced education, social security systems, and liberal social laws. It was the first nation in Latin America to establish a welfare state and developed a democratic tradition that earned it the nickname "The Switzerland of South America."

Uruguay stands out in Latin America for being an egalitarian society and its high income per capita, low level of inequality and poverty, and low levels of extreme poverty. Uruguay has positioned itself as one of the top-ranked countries in terms of reliability - the fruit of a long tradition of stable institutions and policies.

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