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Introducing CORE

Over 15 years, Newswirefm and Healthwirefm have featured the stories and knowledge of people, businesses, and cultures, spreading conscious ideas, knowledge, real-life narratives, and inspiring conversations to the masses. It’s time now to elevate the digital tv experience for our viewers by connecting our two networks into one entity and one app, CORE.

The global viewers of Newswirefm and Healthwirefm have always shared similar core values - education, ethical living, wellness, and innovation. Our new name, CORE originated to reflect these attitudes and the network’s driving mission.

“With a deep reverence and voracious thirst for knowledge, our team and myself constantly fuel global awareness with the shows we produce. Now, we’re excited to give you a streamlined viewer experience with CORE, one tv network and one app.”
Martine Dubin, Founder & Creative Director

All our existing shows, movies and practices are now broken down into topics and categories that make sense, that are relevant and easy to browse, to discover stories that appeal best to you. If you're interested in detox methods, nutrition, and yoga but content on business and tech aren't of interest to you, not to worry. Now, we feature trending and top 10 recommendations for customized search. There's something for everyone on CORE. Find what inspires you.

Upgraded app functionality provides faster and more user friendly on-the-go viewing from anywhere in the world - no restrictions ever. Whether you're on vacation, on a plane, out for a walk or relaxing at home. Save and download your favorite shows directly to the app and watch them later without Wi-Fi connection.

By joining our networks and creating a cohesive experience, we strive to build a stronger community of individuals and continue creating refreshing new content. Thank you to all our existing and brand-new viewers for joining us for this new journey as CORE. Stay tuned for new shows coming soon with David Verdesi, Frederique van der Wal and Sebastain Copeland.


The CORE Team

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