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Introducing CORE

Over 15 years, Newswirefm and Healthwirefm have featured the stories and knowledge of people, businesses, and cultures, spreading conscious ideas, knowledge, real-life narratives, and inspiring conversations to the masses. It’s time now to elevate the digital tv experience for our viewers by connecting our two networks into one entity and one app, CORE.

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Struggling with Daily Routines? Try Micro-Practices

"This week I am going to wake up early and get my sunrise yoga in, followed by a breathing exercise and meditation. And after my workday I’ll head to the gym. This will be the week I get consistent with my morning routine and wellness practices and I will feel so much better!” … sound familiar?

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Adopt Your Road

Do you realize that littering can cost municipalities millions of dollars annually in cleanup? Any kind of trash, especially thrown in places where it doesn’t belong, over time accumulates and threatens nature’s ecosystems. Besides, it paints an ugly picture of the beautiful natural world around us! Why is littering still such an incessant problem?

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One Step Closer to Global Peace

We all have faced some fast-changing realities in 2020, reaching a threshold of health, economic, and social crisis. In an increasingly interdependent world, I think at this point we all realize that our own welfare and happiness depend on many other people. Crucial macro trends with profound transitions require us to accept the superficial differences between us, as we are all equal in our basic wish for peace.

Image for Unleashing Potential

Unleashing Potential

Countries continue to struggle with the pain of a pandemic, which has triggered severe health and socio-economic consequences and triggered one of the most dangerous challenges the world has faced in our lifetimes. But our common struggles are also uniting the world in ways we’ve never seen before, and the support of foundations across the globe are keeping the hope for both a cure and brighter future alive.

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Yoga Is Disrupting Racism

We all have our own experiences when it comes to ethnic identity and cultural identity. As the yoga community consistently becomes more and more diverse, it’s important that yoga practices, such as restorative yoga, take into consideration the impact of racial stressors - especially with the brutal reality of a world infected by social injustice and discrimination.

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United We Stand

2020 will be a defining year in history - a year of change that none of us were prepared for, yet a year that is so necessary for a healthy and inclusive future. Turmoil surrounds us as we fight for change and basic human rights, while recovering from the global pandemic that put us in widespread fear. In times of uncertainty, it’s important to ask yourself - what changes can I make? How will I make a difference? What can be learned from this experience?

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Turn Your Pain into Purpose

Trauma has no boundaries when it comes to race, age, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or religion. It comes in many forms, whether it be the loss of a family member, the pain of divorce, abuse, a natural disaster or a moment that changed your outlook on life.

Healthwire Teams Up with USO

Healthwire Teams Up with USO

The world has endured great panic, tragedy and fright over the course of the past few months. The uncertainty of our future is something we aren’t accustomed to. Imagine if this reality was a normal every day feeling for not only a few months, but years.

Using your time wisely

Using Your Time Wisely

We wake up and get dressed. Some of us begin our workdays, and others stay occupied with board games, cleaning and the like. We make food, watch the news and then go to bed, getting lost in the mundane repetition this isolation presents.

It doesn’t have to be this way though- quarantine can be an opportunity for you to focus on self-growth. What would you normally do if there wasn’t the distraction of social activities? Use this time wisely by reading an inspiring book, educating yourself and focusing on your wellbeing.

We are here for you

Our Response to COVID-19: Social Distancing & Staying Healthy

Dear Viewers,

Here at Newswirefm and Healthwirefm, we are distraught by the current state of our society as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The wellbeing of our viewers, both mentally and physically, is something we value very highly. We encourage you to stay home, social distance and protect yourself and others from contracting and spreading the virus. If we all do our part to take precautions, we can and will overcome this pandemic.