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Press Freedom Has Many Enemies

In support of the Foreign Press Association's long-time focus to share the voices and stories of those on the frontlines of the battle for truth, on behalf of our team at CORE, I am delighted to announce our new partnership with the organization.

In today’s global media landscape seemingly more and more news stories are carefully modified and controlled. The FPA is a staunch advocate for press freedom, the free flow of information, and holding the powerful to account. On World Press Freedom Day, it shared:

"Press freedom has many enemies. The efforts in Russia to criminalize and kill independent journalists, and China’s attacks on the freedom of the press in Hong Kong, underscore the very real threats to press freedom from governments. The labeling of the media as an enemy by the far-right continues to be a clear and present danger to journalists operating in our U.S. media war zone."

Founded in 1918, the FPA in the United States represents international journalists who shape the perceptions of the U.S. around the world. Led by award-winning journalist and author Ian Williams, the organization’s briefings and interviews with newsmakers share essential perspective from journalists, national leaders, newsmakers, scientists, campaigners and experts from across the political and opinion spectrum. Its members cover everything from global conflicts to politics, business and culture. Our collaboration with the FPA gives viewers access to its interviews and perspectives from its members on world affairs, to keep you informed and ahead of the curve.

"Among the members of the FPA are newsmen who have crossed Greenland by dog sleigh, who have flown over the North Pole and the South Pole, who were eyewitnesses of the sinking of the Andrea Doria, who covered the last civil war in Guatemala on mule back (as no other means of transportation was available) and watched Fidel Castro’s bearded guerrillas ride into Havana." - Hans Steiniz, German Journalist and Reporter in 1967

Today’s FPAs interviews and stories walk in the adventurous and courageous footsteps of its illustrious past. The FPA's mission of sharing the truth without fear or favor, echoes our CORE values. We continue to use CORE’s global reach to elevate authentic, real-life stories through the power of media, and promote the common good with the exercise of our basic human right to the freedom of information.

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Martine Dubin
Founder, Executive Producer, Director - CORE
US Press Member - Foreign Press Association

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