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The Northern Front

Arctic Warming: The Northern Front

The thawing Arctic is increasingly a geopolitical hotspot.

In a recent Foreign Press Association briefing, Arne O. Holm, the founder and editor of the High North News, discussed the impact of global warming on the region with FPA President, Ian Williams.

With melting sea ice opening up the Northwest passage – increased commercial and military activity are following.

The U.S., Canada, Russia, and China are on a potential collision course, with all racing to build icebreakers more for military, rather than commercial purposes.

As countries square up, perhaps the only good news Holm shares is the search for oil has largely stopped, with the commercial feasibility of drilling in doubt (pre-Ukraine crisis).

Rising tensions are a concern for indigenous peoples with many choosing to leave as they face an existential threat from climate change, as well as the increased militarization of the region.

Watch the discussion here:

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