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Before the Big Bang

The Marvelous Multiverse – The Origins of the Cosmos

Leading cosmologist and theoretical physicist, Mersini-Houghton discusses the Big Bang and provides dramatic new perspective on the origins of the universe in a conversation with the Foreign Press Association’s President Ian Williams.

Drawing on the idea of quantum entanglement to explain the start of the universe and cosmic inflation she shares that ‘Our universe is not the center of the cosmos, we’re just a humble member in its vastness.’

Rather than think about the Big Bang as a unique event, she frames it in the context of the idea of a quantum entangled multiverse.

Professor Mersini-Houghton’s inspiration and drive to explore the cosmos is rooted in her childhood. Born in Albania, under the constraints of its communist dictatorship, she was inspired to focus on the natural sciences and explore the origins of the universe.

A challenger of orthodoxy, Professor Mersini-Houghton’s curiosity leads her, and us, to dive deeper into the unanswered questions surrounding our marvelous cosmos.

Martine Dubin
Foreign Press Association - US Press Member

Please watch the full conversation below.

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