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Automation Anywhere

The Workforce of Tomorrow, Today

Sundar Nagarathaman

"You don't need to be technical. You don't need to be a computer science software but you have the business knowledge and you're able to apply that and use platforms and products like Automation Anywhere to be able to create bots with ease."

In this episode of Learning RPA, you’ll hear more about how automation is transforming today’s workforce, including the growth of the citizen developer, how building an automation skillset will be as relevant as core workforce productivity is today, and why training and development is key for building future skillsets. Citizen developers help drive efficiency and value in an organization and RPA training is essential for the successful adoption of automation. About the Learning RPA series: In this series of brief videos presented by Automation Anywhere University, we’ll share an overview of the RPA landscape and trends, insights into the changing workforce, how to prepare for a career in RPA, and why training and continuous learning is more important than ever. We’ll also highlight RPA and intelligent automation use cases, steps to plan for RPA in your organization and advice to RPA learners.

06:13 | 2020

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