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Book of Knowledge

The Root of Our Energy

Everyone should become the anthropologist of their own lives. The nature of desire and creative energies that develop along the journey of becoming whole are the root and primal dimension of who are as human beings. David Verdesi begins his journey of the mind by reflecting on his igniting experiences in Indonesia to thread together what is means to be human and manifest the liberating energies inside our soul to emerge into vertical flight.

We travel to the temple of Borobudur, a sacred mandala in Indonesia which holds a mountain of a million mysteries, a magnificent map encoded with messages and layers of ourselves that are waiting to be uncovered. Verdesi then ventures to Java to meet Bagus, an Energy Master whose touch holds superhuman-like forces obtained through harnessing his own natural life energy. These encounters give us a geographical and spiritual setting for our journey, within ourselves and within reality.

20:42 | 2022

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