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Journeys of the Wayfarer

Spiritual anthropologist, David Verdesi takes us along a cross-cultural journey which lasted over 30 years of his life in search for one thing: life’s purpose. His journey led him to exotic, unforeseen locations in every corner of the globe, learning spiritual and bodily practices by enlightened beings, monks, shamans and philosophers for experiences very few individuals have endured.

It wasn’t until years later that Verdesi realized his odyssey had much greater meaning than these physical, geographical experiences – his journey allowed him to discover, retrieve and relearn the lost parts of his being, soul and mind. It became clear that everything we are doing as we go through the journey of our life is meant to connect, create, and discover who we truly are, ultimately allowing us to reach wholeness.


About the show

Documentary Series

Hosted by: David Verdesi

3 episodes

Studio: Martine Dubin Company



About David Verdesi

David Verdesi has dedicated his life to the actualization of the individuation process through applied mind training, comparing wisdom traditions and methods of askesis and its archetype through the hero’s journey, the phenomenology of human potential and altered states of consciousness.

As a wandering anthropologist, he travelled all over the world for 30 years, researching and comparing his own experiences with those of 120 mystics, yogis, cave-dwellers, saints and genuine enlightened beings, Siddhas from the mountains and jungles of India and Xian immortals from China and Southeast Asia, the Shamans of Central and South America and Africa, the Mystics of old Europe and the mysterious saints of the northern Steppes of Russia, Tibet and Mongolia.

He has culminated years of personal askesis and practice into the realization of an algorithm that can be applied to navigate, explore and integrate the human psyche into wholeness, the development of human potential and the maximization of happiness.

These experiences formed an instrumental part of an ongoing work of enrichment and comparison, contributing valuably to the successive phases of the development of his teachings.

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Season 1

The Root of Our Energy

The Root of Our Energy

The nature of desire and creative energies that develop along the journey of becoming whole are the root and primal dimension of who are as human beings. David Verdesi begins his journey of the mind by reflecting on his igniting experiences in Indonesia to thread together the understanding of true meaning.

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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

In the geography of our being, where are you? When we are asked to answer this question and pinpoint such a specific place, we must look inside ourselves and silence the mind. In this episode, David Verdesi brings together The League, a group of extraordinary individuals with mind-bending abilities who have all have found ways to access the infinite field.

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The Realm Beyond

The Realm Beyond

We have reached the final step of our geographical journey of the self, being and mind. We started at the root, the tectonic forces within us to ignite creation and spark fire in our soul, and we have learned the innerworkings of the mind to find silence and extend beyond the physical body. Only when we understand these components of who we are, do we have a clear vision and can we give birth to ourselves to enter the realm beyond.

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