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The FEKKAI Brand

Frederic Fekkai

Frederique gets together with old friend, colleague, celebrity hairdresser, and blonde aficionado, Frederic Fekkai, at his luxurious Madison Avenue salon in the heart of New York City. They discuss old times, creativity, and what drives their inspiration. Frederic also shares some hair tips and why he is passionate about making quality hair products accessible through his brand, FEKKAI.

18:09 | 2021

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About Frederic Fekkai

Internationally recognized hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai once considered becoming a sculptor. Instead, at 21, he headed to Paris to hone his skills in the hair trade. His next move was to New York City, where Bergdorf Goodman approached him in 1989 to create a salon in the store. This atelier at Bergdorf's served as his launching pad and gave him a platform to showcase his innovative approach to hair, a method that requires clients to stand for a portion of the haircut in order to ensure a hairstyle that is totally proportionate to the individual's overall appearance. In 1996, Fekkai opened his flagship five-floor salon and spa in New York City. As one of the largest salons in the world, it serves as a model for two additional locations in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. Fekkai's A-list clientele includes Claudia Schiffer, Debra Messing, Renée Zellweger and countless others. When not tending to the world's "best-tressed," Fekkai enjoys traveling the world and spending time with his son. (sources: New Beauty Magazine, FEKKAI)