CORE is the tv network dedicated to elevating global consciousness, revealing human potential and discovering more about life, science, existence and the world through stories that reshape the way we think and live. Explore thought-provoking conversations, enlightening documentaries and docu-series, worldly expeditions, real-life narratives, dynamic lectures and masterclasses.

Leaders in science, medicine, technology, fashion, impact investing, humanitarian efforts, consciousness and beyond share their knowledge and experiences all on one platform for an enriching viewing experience designed to provoke unconventional thought, and ultimately wake up our world to endless possibilities.

Our platform brings curated media, stories and content free from any political agenda or territorial boundaries. Any user worldwide has the power to access CORE online with WiFi connectivity or from our iOS, tvOS or Android apps.


Universal access to information is a cornerstone of healthy societies. During a time when entertainment and editorial news stories are more relevant than ever, CORE has taken the initiative to offer free unlimited access worldwide.

Home to 1000+ original titles, CORE features society's most eclectic leaders, thinkers, movers, and shakers. Through the liberation of our content, we hope to facilitate a shift in the focus of today's media consumption toward stories that unite us and drive the global morale for a better world.


All original media content produced by the Martine Dubin Company and featured on CORE, is executed with minimal carbon footprint, both in-office and on set.

The CORE team is also dedicated to instilling the messages of the organizations we support into our day-to-day lives, spreading awareness and global consciousness.

For every donation made, a fraction of the revenue will help scale emerging carbon removal technologies through our certification as a Stripe Climate business. Learn more about our dedication to making a difference for the course of carbon removal.


CORE Foundation is a United States registered Tax-Exempt Nonstock Corporation, supporting quality content and experiences to bring about awareness to conscious, mission-driven storytelling which fosters humanitarian efforts, ingenuity, and innovation.