Data Science

with Kees Poort

Our world is radically changing through fast-moving advances in data science and the rapid progress of artificial intelligence in society. Technologies such as biometrics, cloud computing, and predictive analytics impact us in ways we don't often realize. Kees Poort hosts conversations with prominent leaders in data science to humanize the implementation and consequences behind data-driven technologies.

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About the show

Hosted by: Kees Poort

Music: Moby

4 episodes

Studio: Martine Dubin Company



About Kees Poort

Dutch American Kees Poort is the Electronic Product Development Engineer of the cutting-edge robotics company Unlimited Tomorrow. Founded by Easton LaChapelle, Unlimited Tomorrow Inc. engineers unique prosthetic medical devices using cutting edge 3D printing technology to revolutionize the lives of amputees.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Kees started out in New York City’s underground music scene as a guitarist playing alongside friends and musicians including The Atoms, Jet Fettish, Suddenland, Pelican Movement, while traveling globally as a model shooting tv commercials and print campaigns for some of the top fashion brands such as Revlon, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Guess and Banana Republic. At the height of his modeling, Kees had an exclusive contract as the face of Polo Jeans for Ralph Lauren alongside Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bündchen.

Kees is part of the Newswirefm and Healthwirefm, and besides on air also contributes as an advisor on anything data science.

Season 1

Data Exchange

Data Exchange

Citizen-data scientists promote the reuse of analytical data generated from our personal activities to deliver algorithm models created for predictive digital insights. Within this alternate global network, exchanges and trades are made between trends in behaviors and digital units. In this episode, Kees Poort delves into the security, governance and use of these end-to-end analytical lifecycle platforms.



A technical term derived from computer science, biometrics technology is now something you’re exposed to on an everyday, minute-by-minute basis. By measuring your human characteristics, data science biometric technologies use electrical currents to generate a wide variety of data above and beyond what’s available on your mobile phone. From facial recognition, eye retina scans to body measurements and calculations, Kees Poort scans the impact of surveillance in the episode.

Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Detailed route maps of our planet have been sketched for centuries. In this episode, Kees Poort discusses a new wave of data science in the form of route mapping which transforms our ability to chart the world. This cutting edge infrastructure is combined with industry specific data analysis to generate interactive geographic maps capable of seeing into every corner of our Earth. The combination of on-the-ground sourced data with the latest digital mapping technologies draw a clear picture of community risk assessments.

Innovation Engines

Innovation Engines

Today, innovation engines can accelerate the extraction of knowledge and insights from raw data in new optimal ways. But how does this impact our society? Kees Poort talks with leaders in intelligent automation who work to replace performance objective technologies with novel outcomes that produce endless streams of solutions for any domain.