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Transformative Journeys to Higher Performance

"Rebound" is a gripping mini docuseries that follows the challenging path of female football players overcoming injuries, while uncovering the compelling reasons behind the high injury rates in womens’ soccer.

Each episode features the lives of three exceptional female soccer players in a different stage in their career (Janelly Farías, Katie Johnson, and Natalie Higgins) along with their dedicated physical therapist, Drew Morcos. The series intimately explores their journey to recovery, especially the challenging ACL setbacks, highlighting their determination and strength.

Through heartfelt interviews and historical footage, "Rebound" captures the essence of sacrifice, determination, and resilience in pursuing their dreams. It sheds light on the additional challenges faced by female athletes, making their accomplishments even more inspiring.

Join us on this incredible journey of transformation, where these phenomenal women bring hope for a future where resilience and determination redefine the game, inspiring generations of female athletes to fearlessly chase their dreams.

"Rebound" also aims to spark change and rally support for women athletes everywhere.

TAGS: FIFA World Cup 2023, MOTUS Physical Therapy Team

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Studio: Oak Leaf Productions, AIM Sports Group & Martine Dubin Company




Season 1

Episode 1 -  Janelly Farías

Episode 1 - Janelly Farías

Join Janelly Farías through her fascinating soccer journey as she defies norms and overcomes discrimination to pursue her sporting dreams and beyond. Witness her powerful story of triumph over physical and emotional injuries, as she embraces self- discovery and showcases remarkable resilience. This episode promises an inspiring and empowering tale of sport and determination.

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Episode 2 -  Janelly Farías

Episode 2 - Janelly Farías

In the second episode, Janelly faces severe injuries while playing for the Mexican U-20 national team, leading her to endure physical and emotional pain. Struggling financially as a female athlete, she discovers an empathetic physical therapist, Drew Morcos, who becomes instrumental in her recovery. Janelly confronts cultural norms and her family's resistance to her identity as a gay woman, leading to decades of personal battles.

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Episode 3 -  Katie Johnson

Episode 3 - Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson, a skillful and creative soccer player, who fell in love with the sport through her older sister. Her talent and dedication led her to become a worldwide professional player. However, a challenging ACL injury tests her determination and passion for soccer. With unwavering family support, she embarks on a journey of recovery, determined to prove that her soccer journey is far from over.

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Episode 4 -  Katie Johnson

Episode 4 - Katie Johnson

In a complex soccer world, Katie Johnson shares her unique experience as a Mexican- American player. Straddling two cultures, she faces acceptance challenges in both the Mexican and American soccer communities. Despite a few injuries, Katie's determination shines through. With the unconditional support of Drew, her physical therapist, she makes a successful comeback. Katie continues to defy boundaries and pursue her dreams with unwavering resilience.

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Episode 5 -  Natalie Higgins

Episode 5 - Natalie Higgins

Natalie Higgins, grew up in a non-soccer family. However, her love for the sport ignited when she dribbled a loose ball at her brother's football game. Facing initial rejection due to her gender, Natalie's determination only grew stronger. Inspired by female soccer icons, she pursued her passion despite numerous ankle sprains and setbacks. But a fateful ACL injury tested her resolve on the path to soccer stardom.

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Episode 6 -  Natalie Higgins

Episode 6 - Natalie Higgins

Natalie Higgins embarks on a soccer journey internationally, facing the challenge of a new team, cultures and misfortunes. Through relentless determination and the support of Drew, her physical therapist, we learn how Natalie navigates the long road to recovery and maintains her unwavering desire to return to the field stronger than ever.

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