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Chasing Bliss

One Man’s Search for Ultimate Happiness

What makes you happy? What is true happiness. Can happiness be constant or is it just as fleeing as every other emotion. How do you measure an emotion that is ignited in a million different ways. This is Paulino Duran's story of an eclectic mix of people who draw energy from this life-force that surrounds the planet and channels it into our every day lives. Follow Paulino on his journey to understanding bliss, understanding peoples intimate experiences of bliss. From surfer Laird Hamilton, filmmaker Robert Greaves to Big-Wave World Champion Paige Alms and Dr Greg Mitchell, Research Scientist & Algae Visionary at Scripps.

About the show

Hosted by: Paulino Duran

2 specials

Location: Hawaii, California, Ecuador, Finland


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About Paulino Duran

Paulino Duran is an avid explorer who has travelled the world looking for experiences that highlight the uniqueness of each culture he's immerses himself in. After working as an actor for over 30 years in the industry, Paulino's love for directing combined with his hunger for travel is what inspired his newest project, Chasing Bliss. Follow along as he searches to find the root of happiness, the source of meaning & the epicenter of love all while showcasing the infinite beauty this world has to offer.




True bliss in constant movement giving life around the globe

Water is life, and the great conductor that connects us all. The oceans cover over 70% of our planet and hold almost 97% of the earth's water. True bliss in constant movement giving life around the globe. This is a story of an eclectic mix of people across Hawaii, Ecuador and the USA, who draw energy from this life force and channel it positively into their everyday lives. Join Paulino in understanding what drives Surfer Laid Hamilton, or filmmaker Robert Greaves, Big-Wave World Champion Paige Alms and Windsurfing World Record Holder Sarah Hauser. Coffee Farmer Anti Clancy, Dr Greg Mitchell, Research Scientist & Algae Visionary at Scripps.

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Finding Happiness Among the Those Who Seem to Have the Most of It

What makes you happy? How can an infinite amount of things make different people come to the same conclusion of an understanding of happiness? To categorize what happiness is Paulino’s search brings him to the happiest country in the world, Finland. He embarks on a journey to test the true happiness of the people of Finland in the most extreme sub-zero temperatures and vast wilderness, it is ranked number one of happiest countries in the world. After conversing with a diverse array of Fins, he finds much more than simply happiness – he finds hope and inspiration.

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