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The Plastiki Expedition

David de Rothschild’s Pacific Voyage

Exclusive satellite interview from the Pacific Ocean with British explorer, ecologist, and environmentalist David de Rothschild and his crew aboard The Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran built entirely of recycled plastic bottles. He shares his day-to-day experiences, weather challenges and the marine life they encounter.

This 8000-nautical mile journey across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney is a revolutionary expedition of ecological importance with a mission and dream of giving our oceans a voice. Plastic pollution has been plaguing our planet, from the peaks of mountains to the depths of the ocean. Throw-away single-use plastics are the culprit, with over 74 million pounds of plastic bottles floating in our oceans.

This satellite interview is to be followed with a short film coming soon, documenting his journey, and encouraging worldwide reflection on personal plastic use and individual ecological footprints.

10:00 | 2010

About the movie

Featuring: David de Rothschild

Feature Documentary Coming Soon

Location: Pacific Ocean

Studio: Martine Dubin Company




About David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild is an adventurer, environmentalist, and the founder of Shape The Future Foundation. The foundation's goal to inspire dreams, fuel conversation, share innovations, and activate change in order to give nature a voice.

His adventurous spirit, passion, and commitment to action have sent him to some of the world's most remote and fragile regions in order to bring widespread media attention and, moreover, solutions to urgent global environmental issues. He has a unique ability to take his no-nonsense call to action across all demographics, be it from children to world leaders, NGOs to NASA, industries to nonprofits.

The bigger the challenges, the more de Rothschild rises to face them, and it is this inspirational manner that's driven UNEP, Clean Up the World, and The World Economic Forum to recognize de Rothschild as a Climate Hero, Global Clean Up Ambassador, and a Young Global Leader, respectively. With numerous adventures, three books, a hit television series, and most recently a National Geographic documentary under his belt, de Rothschild isn't slowing down. He keeps dreaming bigger and pushing harder, and until real action and solutions are applied to the problems, he won't be content.

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Source: National Geographic 

Plastiki Across the Pacific on Plastic

Plastiki Across the Pacific on Plastic: An Adventure to Save Our Oceans

Explorer, global green leader, and eco-TV host David de Rothschild recounts the extraordinary journey of the Plastiki, an innovative and mostly untested sixty-foot catamaran that floats on 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles. It was a voyage that took de Rothschild and a five-person crew 10,000 miles from the U.S. to Australia, sailing through rarely traveled, dangerous waters, risking their lives to call attention to our fragile oceans. Their exploration included urgent study of ocean pollution, island nations threatened by rising seas, damaged coral reefs, and the acidifying ocean itselfand their discoveries are a call to action. Packed with exciting narrative, images, maps, journal entries, plans, and sketches, this is the only firsthand account of what may be the most important adventure of our time.

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