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Wai H. Tsang synthesizes topics of spirituality, politics, neuroscience, computer science and AI, provoking new views for the future of our planet, derived from the one core truth that lies behind the heart of all world religions and ancient and indigenous cultures.

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One Core Truth

The deepest mystery, biggest secret and ultimate answer to everything

We exist at a unique juncture in the historical progression. A time of unprecedented scientific and technological advancement, but also one of unparalleled global existential crises. Wai H. Tsang describes the emergence into human affairs of a new worldview covering all areas of human understanding and endeavor, and which perfectly integrates the very ancient with the most cutting edge modern. He will describe an all encompassing paradigm which harmonizes the ecological with the industrial, reconciles the spiritual with the scientific and contains within it compelling answers to some of the biggest and hardest questions in science, technology, theology, philosophy and politics; including the central mysteries of brain, mind, life, consciousness, cosmology and the creation of true artificial intelligence. At the heart of this integrated vision is the recurring core truth which historically has been and in the present will be, the key to healing the great divisions of the world and also bringing about the anticipated system change or social and political revolution. Tsang details the 21st Century return of this Perennial Wisdom and its far reaching consequences.


About the show

Host: Wai H. Tsang

4 episodes

Studio: Martine Dubin Company


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About Wai H. Tsang

Wai H. Tsang is a London-based public speaker, thinker, writer, and computer programmer. He is best known for the development of the ‘Fractal Brain Theory’ and varied presentations relating to the interface between science, technology, politics, and religion. An international speaker, his engaging and stimulating talks have also been broadcast on UK satellite television and are widely seen on internet video. He has published two books, ‘The Fractal Brain Theory’ and ‘Quest’.

Previously, Tsang has spent some years researching computer science and artificial intelligence at London University’s Imperial College and is currently involved with his new artificial intelligence start-up and the creation of a revolutionary kind of A.I. deriving from the Fractal Brain Theory.

In another earlier life, he was involved in London’s psychedelic alternative scene and toured a while playing electric guitar with leading psy-trance act Cosmosis. To augment his religious studies, he also spent 10 years working full time at London’s St James church Piccadilly which is a world-renowned center for progressive, interfaith, and new age spirituality.

Season 1

The One Core Truth

The One Core Truth

Perennial Wisdom Returns To The 21st Century

Perennial wisdom is the knowledge that keeps returning over the ages - hence its title. The core beliefs of this knowledge base are identical to the esoteric, or hidden core of all world religions, underpinning political philosophy, morality, meaning and ethics throughout the ages. Wai H. Tsang explains how the recurring wisdom of today’s culture anticipates a dramatic and hugely consequential return for the 21st century purely through scientific and modern conceptions.

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The Symmetry Theory of Life and Intelligence

The Symmetry Theory of Life and Intelligence

Machine Learning For Evolution

The mystery of life and intelligence are among the biggest unsolved scientific puzzles. However, in the same way that Einstein’s celebrated E=MC2 equation captured the essential equivalence which exists between energy and matter, a new theory based on the fundamental mathematical principle of Symmetry does the same thing for all the properties of life and intelligence. This new theory’s explanatory power, paves the way for a new generation of biologically inspired Artificial Intelligence which will overcome the limitations and drawbacks of existing approaches.

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Spiritual Experience, Why Does It Happen?

Spiritual Experience, Why Does It Happen?

Paths of Contraction & Expansion

Historically and in present times there have existed and currently exist, tried and tested means and methods for attaining states of non-duality or states of becoming one with the Universe or one with God through paths of expansion and paths of contraction. Tsang explores why these paths and established methods have been proven effective by examining their power.

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Global Reset: A System of Change

Global Reset: A System of Change

The Social & Political Revolution

We are living in troubled times. World crisis follows quickly from another, with more predicted to come. There exists today a sense of foreboding, but also the hope that some new narrative, paradigm or worldview, will emerge that may alter the course of things and bring about a global system change or great reset in human affairs. But how might this happen? Does there exist a single unifying vision that can reconcile the great divisions of humanity and address the deepest of human yearnings? The answer is a resounding yes, and it derives from the One Core recurring truth.

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