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We live in an eternally interconnected and interdependent world. Indigenous people remember this, and as global citizens hold this critical knowledge for all humanity. Please support Barbara Savage on her journey to document and share the indigenous wisdom, the core consciousness, deep connection to the environment, ancestors and our children’s future. Her work and perspectives offer viable solutions for the harmony with nature and each other, so future generations may continue to thrive.

Tribal Trust

Indigenous peoples and their anthropological contributions have built the foundation of our being. Tribal Trust captures Barbara Savage, author and indigenous peoples activist on the ground with indigenous tribes in the bio-diverse regions of Namibia and Zimbabwe. During this time of both peril and promise for vulnerable indigenous communities, Savage aims to tell their stories and reinvigorate society with their knowledge and traditions. This real-life narrative connects the unfiltered dialogues and experiences of remote peoples to the rest of the world- before it’s too late.


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About the show

Host: Barbara Savage

9 episodes


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About Tribal Trust Foundation

Since 1996, the Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) has been identifying sustainable grass roots projects which will help preserve the living arts and traditional wisdom of indigenous people. Tribal Trust partners with local organizations whose experience and existing relationships can sustain these joint initiatives over the long-term. The Tribal Trust global initiative has supported many wonderful and distinct cultures, including campaigning for the survival of the San Bushman, assisting cultural preservation of the Monpas in Bhutan and other projects in East Timor, Spain, Australia, Southern Africa. Assistance is also given to the Navajo, Chumash, the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, and other Water/Earth/Life advocates.

Season 1

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