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Across The Ice: The Greenland Victory March

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Sebastian Copeland’s second feature documentary Across the Ice chronicles a record-setting expedition covering 2300 km of Greenland’s south to north axis on skis and kites, lasting 42 days. This journey, accompanied by fellow adventure partner and friend, Eric McNair-Landry, netted a Guinness Book World Record for the longest distance traveled (595km) in 24 hours. The team faced ferocious storms, restless nights and sub-zero temperatures yet overcame all obstacles for a historical adventure that triumphs fearless individuals and embraces true heart. This is their story.

1:30:00 | 2015

Tags: Sebastian Copeland AdventuresGuiness Book World Record

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Featuring: Sebastian Copeland & Eric McNair-Landry

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Studio: Sebastian Copeland



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Global climate change and its damaging effects to our planet’s fragile Polar Regions is real. Sebastian’s expeditions to Greenland, Antarctica and the North Pole serve as a significant source to educate individuals, lobbies, and members of media and government on this issue.

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About Sebastian Copeland

British French American Sebastian Copeland is a world-renowned polar explorer, climate researcher, environmentalist, photographer and author. His personal commitment to fight for the protection of our environment and relentless pursuit of a sustainable future has led Sebastian to focus on visual arts as a tool for documenting social change by re-tooling his climbing and mountaineer adventure skills for polar exploration.

Copeland was twice named Photographer of the Year and has addressed the U.N., governments, universities, and Fortune 500 companies to warn of the systemic transformations taking place in the polar regions and their geopolitical consequences. Sebastian’s work has been featured in National Geographic, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle magazine, Vanity Fair, Outside, American Photo, The New York Times, People Magazine, USA Today, Paris Match as well as on NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN’s Larry King Live, and hundreds of other international media outlets and publications.

Sebastian Copeland’s activism efforts for social change have granted him a seat on the Board of Directors for the US Branch of Mikhail Gorbachev's Green Cross International as well as Shine On Sierra Leone. His work has also been recognized three times at the International Photography Awards in 2006 and 2007, most notably the Professional Photographer of the Year award for his bestselling book Antarctica: The Global Warning. In 2019, Copeland was awarded by French President Emmanuel Macron the National Order of Merit.

Visit his website http://sebastiancopelandadventures.com/

Learn about Sebastian's exhibition https://www.scopelandfineart.com/

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